Oscars Recap

Oscars Recap

The 81st Annual Academy Awards aired last night. 

Published February 22, 2009

The 81st Annual Academy Awards aired last night.  It was an epic awards show, clocking in at just less than three and a half hours. The Hollywood elite attended including Will Smith , Halle Berry , Queen Latifah and more.

This year, the Oscars had elaborate monologues from previous winners before each award was given out, which made the show longer, tiring and down right boring at times. Hugh Jackman hosted, and while he is extremely talented, even his performances were not enough to minus the snooze factor.  Jackman sang, danced and popped top hats, making the show feel more like the Tonys than the Oscars.

The always gigging, Beyonce Knowles, performed in a cabaret-like performance with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens -- she even sang a few bars of "At Last". I'm sure Etta James got a twitch from hearing that one!  Beyonce sure is a stable celebrity, most of these famous people get a case of  "celebrity exhausation" if they work too hard, but Bey keeps rolling down the river!

The most disappointing moment of the night was a tribute to those who passed away in 2008, which included a performance from Queen Latifah -- the tribute included Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes , but no Eartha Kitt ?  Massive insult.

No big shockers this year, Heath Ledger won for The Dark Knight , Kate Winslet snagged best actress and Slumdog Millionaire won best picture. Sean Penn won best actor for Milk , where he played Harvey Milk , a gay activist from the seventies -- beating out the favorite, Mickey Rourke .  The always political Penn stressed the importance of equal rights for all people, gay or straight.

As I predicted , Penelope Cruz won best supporting actress, beating out Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis , who both looked beautiful and will hopefully have doors open for future Oscar-worthy films.

View highlights from all the fashion at the Oscars!

Click here for a complete list of winners .

Written by Clay Cane


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