Is Disney's ethnic prince too White?

Is Disney's ethnic prince too White?

Some folks are upset at Disney's first Black princess not having an "obviously" African-American prince.

Published March 19, 2009

disney2 Some folks are upset at Disney's first Black princess not having an "obviously" African-American prince. He is racially ambiguous with El DeBarge -Cab Calloway -Rick Fox bone structure and complexion... people are demanding chocolate, not the swirl!

The Princess and the Frog will be released later this year but controversy is already stirring. Previously, some were frustrated that the name of the princess was "Maddy" and she was a chambermaid who worked for a young White woman in 1920's New Orleans. Critics shouted racism and comparisons to slavery. The princess went from Maddy to Tiana...

Now, we have the complexion of her other half, Prince Naveen of Maldonia—he is just too damn light-skinned for people's taste. Some are saying Naveen looks straight up White! **gasp ** That doesn't look like a White prince to me. The film is based in New Orleans so I instantly thought he was Creole. Naveen resembles the love child of Jasmine Guy and El DeBarge.  Is that a bad thing?  Don't Black folks come in all shades?

Racism in animation.... okay. This is the complexion of a cartoon character, not even a real person. Maybe this is more commentary on our long history of light-skin versus dark-skin versus racism at Disney.

This is a cartoon character from a movie that will not grapple with racism or constructs of color – we’re dealing with the land of Disney not The BoondocksThe Princess and the Frog will be a fluffy children's movie where racism doesn't exist and the prince and the princess will eventually live happily ever after… there are more gender constructs to be upset with in this movie.

I understand the strain of complexion in our community -- but instead of thinking children will focus on the light-skinned prince, how about the image of a beautiful, brown Black princess? There definitely aren’t enough brown sisters in the media. For those asking why aren't they showing "Black love"—are we really looking for Black love in a Disney movie?

I’m sure Disney is saying, “Why the hell did we do this movie? We need to stick to characters who are blonde and blue!”

Are you offended by Prince Naveen?

Written by Clay Cane


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