Movie Review: 'Tyson'

Movie Review: 'Tyson'

Summary: A documentary about one of the most controversial figures in sports history, former heavyweight champion of the world, Iron Mike Tyson.

Published April 22, 2009

ironmiketysonSummary : A documentary about one of the most controversial figures in sports history, former heavyweight champion of the world, Iron Mike Tyson . Directed by James Toback and produced by Carmello Anthony and Nas , the film chronicles Tyson’s tumultuous life through archival footage and interviews with the legendary boxer.

Review : Nowadays, it's tough to do a solid documentary with the popularity of reality shows. It takes a good director, clear vision, an enigmatic personality and unapologetic honesty—Tyson has all of those elements. The documentary tracks Mike Tyson's life as a young boy on the volatile streets of Brooklyn to gaining international fame and infamy. It takes a brave man to reveal and speak honestly about a fall from grace that is just as famous as his rise to stardom.

Mike Tyson is the only person interviewed in the 88-minute documentary. He is extremely candid, similar to his legendary interviews. However, this time he is speaking to people he knows and does not feel as judged. Tyson comes across as a sympathetic character, a product of his environment versus an uncontrollable animal that the media has portrayed and he has admittedly played into.

Tyson talks his relationship with coach Cus D'Amato , his obsession with sex and of course his falling out with Don King, who he called a "wretched, slimy, reptilian m*therf*cker." Some parts are hilarious, some are heartbreaking and whether or not you think Mike is a rapist or saint—you can't help but feel his truth.

One disappointment with Tyson was the discussion of Robin Givens and domestic violence. Givens has been extremely vocal from Oprah to CNN, saying how Tyson nearly killed her. Mike says little about these accusations, which was surprising considering he was open about everything else. It would've been interesting to hear Tyson's side—why a 20-year-old would beat up a woman, especially considering the Chris Brown and Rihanna debacle that is currently in the media. It seemed his marriage to Givens was the only topic he was hesitant about.

Tyson is a documentary that is mortifying yet inspiring, creepy yet beautiful, raw yet sensitive. More importantly, you believe that Tyson is not delusional about his life. He seems to have accepted his mistakes and takes responsibility. Overall, a moving film that would be fascinating even if Mike Tyson wasn't an icon.

Tyson opens in select cities Friday.

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Written by Clay Cane


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