Movie Reviews: 'Fighting'

Movie Reviews: 'Fighting'

Summary: A young man, Channing Tatum, is introduced to the underground world of New York City street fighting.

Published April 24, 2009

fighting-poster-channing_tatum-terrence_howardSummary : A young man, Channing Tatum , is introduced to the underground world of New York City street fighting. He is discovered by an old school hustler, played by Terrence Howard , who sees potential for his protege to conquer the street fighting world.

Review : In a world of overly polished Hollywood films, Fighting is refreshing. It's a rough, unpolished movie that attempts to give a real view of New York City to match the raw, high-octane world of street fighting. Sure, there are endless movies about street fighting and this one doesn't necessarily have an original take.  Nonetheless, Fighting does not take itself too seriously yet it's not vapid enough to where it's an unforgettable pop movie.

Terrence Howard is comical as Harvey Boarden, a con man who you cannot tell if he should ever be trusted. While Howard isn't the lead in the film, he sustains as the gritty voice of reason, which is sometimes a relief after a bloody fighting scene. Channing Tatum is right in his zone as Shawn MacArthur, an angry young man who manages to channel his rage into fighting and hoping to beat his nemesis, Evan Hailey, played by Brian White .

While all of these performances are solid, newcomer Zulay Henao is definitely the standout.  She plays Tatum's love interest who is grappling with the struggles of poverty and being a single mother. Henao seems plucked right from the streets of New York City, navigating through her character like she isn't being filmed. Hopefully, we will see more from this talented Colombian-born beauty.

Fighting does have its faults. At times the conflicts are too weak or not interesting enough to feel emotionally involved with the characters. However, just when you might get bored, an awesome fighting scene begins that makes you cringe, jump and cheer.

Overall, Fighting is a testosterone-driven movie full of blood, beautiful women, big muscles and enough plot to be a good movie.

Fighting is in theatres today.

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Written by Clay Cane


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