Movie Review: 'Dance Flick'

Movie Review: 'Dance Flick'

Summary: A Wayans parody on various dance movies like “Save the Last Dance,” “Footloose,” “Hairspray” and more.

Published May 22, 2009

danceflickSummary : A Wayans parody on various dance movies like “Save the Last Dance,” “Footloose,” “Hairspray” and more.

Review : Disgusting, trashy and offensive, but I have not decided if I liked the film or not. One would think if the movie is all of these things you would be immediately turned off. On the other hand, it is the Wayans family, not Spike Lee . You have to put on your armor to watch this type of flick and forget we are in 2009. Everyone will be offended, regardless of your background, orientation, or politics. 

Expect images like overweight Black women chomping on fried chicken, urine and scenes like characters sticking their own heads in their asses. All of the slapstick mess that relied on stereotypes was not funny or entertaining. Writing-wise, they know how to make a joke, but they certainly aren’t as sharp as they used to be. “Dance Flick” is not “Scary Movie.”

However, when the Wayans did use some true creativity, they hit a home run. The shots at celebrities were the best: Brandy , Halle Berry , Amy Winehouse , Lindsay Lohan and the list goes on. The commentary on how dance films are obsessed with Black people was fun and thought-provoking.

Out of all the Wayans parodies, this is definitely not one of their best, but they had moments when they shined.

Damon Wayans Jr. is the lead, Thomas Uncle. You have to be weary of another Wayans getting a gig, but the young man definitely has talent. He had great comedic timing, was naturally funny and was enjoyable to watch on screen.

Overall, not the best comedy experience—there was so much lewdness I needed a hot, scalding bath afterward, but it's the Wayans.  By the way, when is someone going to think of the bright idea to do a parody on Wayans movies?

“Dance Flick” is in theatres today.

Written by Clay Cane


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