Movie Review: 'Next Day Air'

Movie Review: 'Next Day Air'

Summary: Leo (Donald Faison) is a weed head who works for a bootleg version of FedEx called Next Day Air.

Published May 8, 2009

nextdayairSummary : Leo (Donald Faison ) is a weed head who works for a bootleg version of FedEx called Next Day Air. After a mistaken delivery, illegally mailed drugs are sent to the wrong apartment—a couple of doped out hustlers named Brody (Mike Epps ) and Guch (Wood Harris ). Chaos ensues as the drug dealers look for their drugs while Brody and Guch try to make a profit.

Review : I admire Benny Boom ’s effort; he wanted to make a movie and did it. One can only hope his next venture in Hollywood will be more original and sharp. Based in Philly, “Next Day Air” seems like a gangster-comedy movie form the nineties—guns, tattoos, extra slang, hip-hop and people of color who are obviously mimicking Italian mob films.

While Mike Epps claims the script was not improvised, each line felt like it was slapped on a piece of paper, which can be good and bad. Nonetheless, “Next Day Air” is trying to keep it real, the movie relies too much on stereotypes and not enough plot.

Speaking of stereotypes, the Latin actors were morphed into “cha cha” characters—extra accents and rosaries at every corner. It was like Rosie Perez in “Do The Right Thing” on steroids. It's disturbing how many Black directors represent Latinos in their films, similar to the way some white directors’ present African-Americans.

The good—seeing Debbie Allen curse was hilarious. The acting is fairly strong; no one seemed like amateurs and did their hardest to make the movie work. Another positive, by the end there is an interesting shoot out scene. Boom seemed to put all of his effort and talent into this climatic ending.

One line from the film is, “Always remember what you are doing it for. If it ain’t worth dying for you don't wanna be in it.” Touché.

"Next Day Air" is in theatres today.

Written by Clay Cane


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