Movie Review: 'Imagine That'

Movie Review: 'Imagine That'

Summary: A father (Eddie Murphy) is consumed with his professional life and is neglecting his daughter.

Published June 12, 2009

imagine_that300x400Summary : A father (Eddie Murphy ) is consumed with his professional life and is neglecting his daughter. When he discovers she has the gift of predicting his business ventures via a blanket, he discovers the world of imagination.

Review : I miss ‘bad’ Eddie Murphy. You know, the one who would curse up a storm in a movie, the Billie Dee Williams of the 1990s and whose edgy comedy had everyone in the neighborhood imitating him. Well, I guess we all have to grow up, but I hope Murphy one day returns to his “Raw” roots.

Imagine That isn’t the most imaginative movie, but Eddie Murphy is still a comedic genius and has mastered the art of children’s movies. The man who was once policed by Bill Cosby now beautifully appeals to kids. He is funny, charismatic and seems to have a natural chemistry working with children on the big screen. This time around it’s Yara Shahidi , in her first film. Shahidi is undeniably adorable and when the film lags, just watching her is enough to raise the cute factor of this Nickelodeon film.

The plot line is no “E.T.,” but kids could care less about inconsistencies, predictability, or a lazy script. Children want to be entertained and Imagine That effectively does that.

Imagine That also reunites Nicole Ari Parker and Vanessa Williams , who were sisters in the popular Showtime series Soul Food .  While they don’t get much screen time, one can only hope someone will hand these two television and film veterans a movie.

Overall, Imagine That is definitely a kid’s movie and doesn’t transcend that category. Nonetheless, it is good to see an African-American dad and his daughter bonding on screen. It’s the perfect film for Father’s Day.

Imagine That is in theatres today.

Written by Clay Cane


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