Movie Review: 'The Proposal'

Movie Review: 'The Proposal'

Summary: The devil in heels terrorizes her employees at a publishing company.

Published June 19, 2009

proposalSummary : The devil in heels terrorizes her employees at a publishing company. However, the tables turn when she discovers she is being deported back to Canada and her job and life are at risk. So, she forces her assistant to marry her and romantic comedy chaos ensues.

Review : To say that The Proposal is unoriginal is an understatement. All of these romantic comedies are as formulaic as a Britney Spears and Rihanna duet, but for some reason month after month, they still hit theatres... usually they bomb at the box office and sometimes pull a Sex and the City . Nonetheless, just like bad horror movies, Hollywood thinks these movies are good to green light.

In the beginning, The Proposal is fun. It's entertaining to see Sandra Bullock , who is also the executive producer, as an angry diva. The dialogue is quick and her co-star, Ryan Reynolds , has strong chemistry with Bullock. But, these romantic comedies all have the same agenda -- the independent woman is demonized for her success and eventually ends in a pile of tears, stringy hair and letting out the "I love you " to the man who taught her how to be a Stepford Wife. The Proposal proposes nothing different.

Nonetheless, through all the cliché, cheese ball one-liners and fake sexual tension, there is a beacon of light—Betty White . Ms. Betty could be cast in a revival of New Jack City and you'd believe her in every frame. Betty is funny, witty and glows in a flick that starts fun and ends flat.

Sandra Bullock is an extremely talented and beautiful actress. I only hope she takes a stab at more important work. We haven't seen any real acting chops from her since Crash in 2004.

That said, you will moderately enjoy The Proposal if you like this genre. Otherwise, I’d wait for it on TNT.

The Proposal is in theatres today.

Written by Clay Cane


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