The Michael Jackson Movie

The Michael Jackson Movie

A biopic about Michael Jackson is a Hollywood must. 

Published June 30, 2009

A biopic about Michael Jackson is a Hollywood must.  The potential film has A-list and Oscar written all over it.  The story of the pop icon is full of highs, lows, success, drama and a climatic ending.  Well, of course we need a cast and here is what I propose for the MJ story -- I am sure the movie is already in the works and Steven Spielberg is trying to buy the rights !

Young Michael Jackson : Tristan Wilds
tristanmichael Tristan has made a name for himself in movies like The Secret Life of Bees and his role on 90210 . Wilds could capture the essence of an ethnic Michael on the rise, battling insecurities and achieving incredible success.

Older Michael Jackson: Evan Ross rossjackson Who else? Ross can act and he has personal experience with the King of Pop. Plus, there is an uncanny resemblance to Michael post the Bad era. Fans could trust Ross to not sensationalize Michael's memory, but still be authentic.

Lisa Marie Presley : Megan Fox


The current Hollywood "it" girl, Fox has the look and sass to play the rock 'n roll princess, Lisa Marie Presley. Presley was Jackson's ex-wife and often talked about how she wanted to save Michael.

Janet Jackson : Zoe Saldana
janetzoe Saldana is an excellent actress; give her a script and she can make it work. I'd love to see her as another iconic figure, Janet Jackson, who has made a name for herself outside of her brother's name.  She has the look, sex appeal and compassion to play the youngest Jackson.

La Toya Jackson : Mariah Carey
marialatoya Carey has proven herself as a good actress with the upcoming Precious and she is even doing drag in her new video . I could easily see Carey as the controversial La Toya, who always wanted to be a star but fell short of the glory.

Katherine Jackson : Oprah Winfrey


You might've forgot this but Oprah is an Oscar nominee and she can act. If you don't believe me add The Color Purple or Women of Brewster Place to your Nextflix ASAP. Winfrey could wrap herself in the compassion that makes up Mother Jackson -- although the Grand O would have to tone down that slave accent. You know she loves to do that in all her films!

Jermaine Jackson : Jamie Foxx
jermainejamie Jamie would need to be in this movie in some capacity and I see him as Jermaine, who has always stepped up in controversy. He has been the family spokesman in the hardest times and has battled the media when they have torn his family to pieces.

Joe Jackson : Ving Rhames
vingjoe Like many people, Michael had a complex relationship with his father. The King of Pop revealed there was child abuse, but he would later resolve his relationship with his father and often talked about how much he loved him.  Rhames would give a respectable performance as Joe Jackson.

Debbie Rowe : Rosie O'Donnell
rosierowe Michael's baby mama should be played by none other than Rosie O'Donnell.  Slap a wig on Ro and you got Debbie Rowe!

Who would you like to see in a movie about Michael Jackson?

Written by Clay Cane


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