Happy Birthday Diahann Carroll

Happy Birthday Diahann Carroll

Today, one of the original queens of screen, Diahann Carroll, turns 74.

Published July 17, 2009

diahann Today, one of the original queens of screen, Diahann Carroll , turns 74. The stage and film icon is the first Black woman to win a Tony and Golden Globe and the first Black woman to have her own television series with Julia in the late '60's. In addition, the Harlem native received an Oscar nod for 1974's Claudine. Back in February I interview Carroll, here is a small excerpt.

Is there anything you think the Black actresses of today might take for granted that you and others had to work for?
Their careers. I think those that stepped before them left a wonderful path, most of us, I feel I'd like to include myself in that group. Many of them have taken advantage of it very well but, not enough, we need more wonderful young actresses. I think Alfre Woodard is an incredibly talented woman and I want to see more, but the industry is not producing that work. Once again, it's very difficult to understand what it takes to become a star. I think the young women of today do not have many things to contend with. Those that come from the music business into the film industry, it's much more smooth and it allows them to fail in front of the camera and then have the opportunity to come back and do it again and again, which has always been offered to actresses who are not Black. I think today's young actresses are coming along at the forefront of what's going on. I enjoy watching it.

Happy birthday to Ms. Carroll!  Check out the clip below of Carroll with Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones .

Written by Clay Cane


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