Movie Review: The Collector

Movie Review: The Collector

Summary: A handyman, who is also an ex-con, breaks into the house of his wealthy employers.

Published July 31, 2009

thecollectorposterSummary : A handyman, who is also an ex-con, breaks into the house of his wealthy employers. However, he finds the house has already been taken over by a psycho wearing an extremely tight S&M mask. The ex-con suddenly gets the urge to save the day.

Review : Ever since the popularity of Saw , Hollywood is looking for as many plots as possible to drain the torture theme in these ridiculously graphic gore flicks. Now we have The Collector , which can easily be summed up as a collection of several horror films over the past five years, stuffed into one squeamish movie. You know the scene -- harsh colors, chopped up type, broken dolls and actors screaming for dear life as teeth, tongues, bones and limbs are snapped to pieces.  You will squirm, but aren't we getting a bit desensitized to these routine torture flicks? It's like seeing a pop songstress get naked for the billionth time -- yeah, she's hot, but we have all seen it before.

The plot isn't as intricate or surprising as the first two Saw films and the movie is being marketed as being from the writers of Saw . However, The Collector is from the writers of Saw IV , V and VI -- the weakest out of the franchise. There are no twists or turns in this elementary premise -- the audience is basically staying to see how gory the film will get.

On the other hand, a man prancing around a bobby-trapped house does keep you on the edge for the majority of the film. Even though it's a little too farfetched -- a criminal turns hero (who had plans to rob the family) when he realizes a brutal murderer had already taken over the joint?  Still, horror flicks get away with more suspension of disbelief than any genre.

Every good horror movie needs a villain and The Collector's villain is not a memorable one. Unlike Jigsaw from Saw or the masked teens from Scream , we get to know nothing about The Collector except that he has some beady black eyes and is obsessed with an S&M mask. A horror flick always gets a little more creditability when the roots of the villain are revealed. Why is he doing this? Why this family? Lazy writing just relies on, "He's crazy."

That said, horror fans don't care about critics. Gore films must be pretty spectacular for it to get good reviews. Nonetheless, even for horror fans, The Collector will be like drinking a Diet Coke, yeah; it's good, but why not just go for the original and better versions?

The Collector is in theaters today.

Written by Clay Cane


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