On DVD This Week

On DVD This Week

Check out what hits DVD this week!

Published July 7, 2009

Check out what hits DVD this week!


Nicholas Cage gets a tip from 50 years ago that the world is going to end in a few days. However, there is a code to break. After some liquor, Google searches and jotting of numbers—he “knows.” Of course no one believes Nick. So, it is up to him to save himself and his family.  Read the review here !


From Amazon.com: MARTIJN (Ryan Phillippe ), an idealistic Dutch pianist, travels to Morocco to help start a food program for malnourished children. Within moments of his arrival, however, Martijn is abducted by a group of terrorists, injected with a debilitating drug, and imprisoned. Under threat of death, the young man engages in a mental chess match with AHMAT (Laurence Fishburne ), trying to learn his captor’s true objective and avoid a horrible fate.


A psychic action thriller that tells the story of psychics (at some point they become superheroes) who are being stalked and controlled by the government. It is a battle of the bad psychics versus the good psychics.  Read the review here !

From AxelMusic.com: Bad blood between two urban crime families explodes into an all-out turf war in this gritty, hard-hitting drama set to rap and starring music legend Sticky Fingaz . Stick (Fingaz) has plans to leave the mean street life behind, but when two members of his Family are gunned down by a rival gang, he's forced to choose between a new life for himself and his girlfriend - or loyalty to his blood brothers. Also starring Omar Epps , Mekhi Phifer , and Michael Rapaport .

Written by Clay Cane


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