Wendy Williams Movie Update

Wendy Williams Movie Update

On Monday, July 13th Wendy Williams' new talk show, appropriately titled, The Wendy Williams Show, debuts right here on BET at 11 PM/10C. 

Published July 9, 2009

wendywilliams On Monday, July 13th Wendy Williams ' new talk show, appropriately titled, The Wendy Williams Show, debuts right here on BET at 11 PM/10C .  However, the gossip legend is more than just television and radio.  In 2007, Williams announced there would be a movie about her life starring Robin Givens .  The movie was filmed and potential release dates buzzed across the Internet.  In my upcoming interview with Wendy Williams, which comes out this Monday, the gossip icon gave me a status on the film: "Well, family first, TV second," says the New Jersey native.  "The TV show, if by chance it’s some sort of phenomenal hit that will drive more people to the box office to learn about this woman named Wendy that has all of a sudden become America’s sweetheart."

Wendy continues, "The movie was executive produced by me and my husband and was also funded as an independent film. It is right up to date -- it includes my success with talk. Once we found out the talk show was going to continue, we went back in and re-cut the end. It only took a little bit of time, money and genius."

On a release date? "My husband says it will be out by February. I say it will be out when we know that we’ve got a bonafide, runaway hit with this talk show. Clay, right now, we know nothing other than I’m a girl from Jersey who did a six-week sneak peek and it was wildly successful. Other than that, nothing is assured.  That’s a great launch pad for a potentially runaway hit show – you know, it’s not assured."

Well, I just can't wait to see Robin Givens in Wendy Williams drag!

Be sure to tune in to the The Wendy Williams Show this Monday, July 13th at 11 PM/ 10C here on BET.  Also, come back to BET.com/Entertainment for my full interview with Wendy Williams where she discusses her new show, Michael Jackson , Whitney Houston and more.

Written by Clay Cane


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