Movie Review: 'A Perfect Getaway'

Movie Review: 'A Perfect Getaway'

Summary: Couples are being killed in paradise and it's up to the audience to discover who the murderers are.

Published August 7, 2009

perfectgetawaySummary : Couples are being killed in paradise and it's up to the audience to discover who the murderers are.

Review : Another movie about travelers who don't have common sense is in theaters this weekend. In A Perfect Getaway , you are caught up in a story that almost wants to be literary in its use of foreshadowing (more like overshadowing), red herrings and grandiose plot twists that ruin what could have been a simple travel thriller into a "How the hell did that happen? " However, I tried to remain optimistic for as long as possible..

A Perfect Getaway is deeply imperfect, but the first half is mildly enjoyable. You are interested enough to know what will happen next, even though it seems fairly obvious. Thankfully, the actors manage to carry the rocky flick. Chris Hemsworth and Timothy Olyphant are likable as alpha men, both maintaining a mystery about their characters. Milla Jovovich and Kiele Sanchez are a cool contrast between a rough Southern chick and a ditzy newlywed. Thankfully, the good cast makes the film viewable, and gives hope that it will eventually reach a destination. Unfortunately, A Perfect Getaway ends up stranded in Hollywood fluff.

Without giving away the story, Getaway is a film that relies on its ending. If the ending bombs, everything suffers. Like many movies that want to go down the risky twist-ending route, which made Sixth Sense and Saw so likable, Getaway twists itself into a knot of implausibility. It takes skillful writing to pull off these intricate twists and when it doesn't work, it's painfully clear. Therefore, in the end, Getaway is like Bonnie and Clyde on a bad re-run of Survivor with more spins and twists than a salamander on the canopy of the Amazon rainforest -- except they’re in Hawaii.

A plus and a minus, the flick is filled with breathtaking landscape shots, but it just makes you want to get away from the movie and hop on a plane to your favorite island. Overall, Getaway is a better travel commercial than thriller.

A Perfect Getaway is in theaters today.

Written by Clay Cane


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