Movie Review: 'G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra'

Movie Review: 'G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra'

Summary: A film loosely based on the comic book and cartoon version of G.I.

Published August 6, 2009

gijoeSummary : A film loosely based on the comic book and cartoon version of G.I. Joe. Rip Cord (Marlon Wayans ) and Duke (Channing Tatum ) are ambushed by the evil forces of Cobra after attempting to capture four warheads that could destroy the world. Team G.I. Joe saves Rip Cord and Duke, recruit the two, and make plans to destroy Cobra.

Review : Sometimes you have to learn when not to believe the hype, good or bad.  Considering the buzz on G.I. Joe you would think the movie was Catwoman II . Actually, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra , ranks higher on this summer's action movie scale than Terminator , Wolverine and Transformers . It's no Star Trek , but this is a solid action movie that stands alone from the comic and cartoon.

With a lot of action and a touch of sci-fi, G.I. Joe is extravagant, dazzling and packed with scene-to-scene drama to engage teens, kids and adults. Furthermore, G.I. Joe is the only action film this year that returns to one-on-one fight scenes (ninjas!). Filmmakers get so lazy with CGI that they forget audiences love kicks and punches that require awesome choreography and stunt doubles. If we want to see computer graphics fight, we will play a video game.

Set with a strong cast, G.I. Joe is no longer obsessed with the "all-American hero" cliché. The cast is extremely diverse; Marlon Wayans' character, Rip Cord, was not originally a person of color and there is an interracial romance (something you would've never seen in the original G.I. Joe comic that dates back to 1941). G.I. Joe now represents a more global world, which translates better to kids in 2009.

There have been some gripes that there isn't enough character building, but I was satisfied getting to know the background of Snake Eyes (my personal favorite!), Duke, The Baroness, Storm Shadow and others. This is not an episode of Lost, where everything can be recapped for two epic hours.

Another praise: the movie flies by in a cool 107 minutes. Finally -- a good editor! These action flicks that are well over two hours are a waste of time and take themselves too seriously -- leave the two-hour epics for Oscar-worthy films, not popcorn fluff. G.I. Joe gives you just enough junk food before you start to get sick.

That said, Joe is no perfect film. Some of the CGI looks like it was plucked right from the '80s cartoon. Sienna Miller was laughable in her "Supermodel of the World" delivery of The Baroness and the female characters were sucked into more push-up bras than drag queens in a Beyonce video. Still, the film does what it should do quickly, smoothly and with enough zeal that it will more than likely perform surprisingly well at the box office and end up as the last big hit of the summer.

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra is in theaters tomorrow.

Written by Clay Cane


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