Denzel Will Shut You Down

Denzel Will Shut You Down

Denzel Washington's new movie Book of Eli comes out this Friday. 

Published January 10, 2010

denzel_washington1_300_400.jpgDenzel Washington 's new movie Book of Eli comes out this Friday.  The flick is directed by the Hughes brothers who are famous for films like Menace II Society and Dead Presidents .  The New York Post is reporting that Allen Hughes learned something about the two-time Oscar winner -- he will shut you down.

Allen said, "You don’t tell Denzel anything. You can really rub him the wrong way by telling him something.”  Allen told Denzel something that he had already heard several times before, but he didn't know it and Denzel yelled "38!"  Confused, Allen asked Denzel's son:  “Denzel’s son, who happened to be on the set that day, was sitting there laughing. I asked his son, ‘What does that mean?’ And he said, ‘38 films.’ I shut the f - - - up with the hurry-up-ness at that point.”

The New York Post continued:

The actor is one of the most intense, demanding and intelligent actors around, and those qualities have earned him a reputation as prickly among some.

“He’s like Obi-Wan on steroids with a little attitude and swagger,” says Hughes, who first broke onto the scene with 1993’s “Menace II Society.” “He’s allergic to bulls - - -, and that’s the problem. He’s a gentleman and for the most part very humble, but once you start popping bulls - - -, he’s gonna shut you down immediately, whether it be an interviewer, a director or a writer.”

Looks like Denzel hasn't lost his gangsta...


Written by Clay Cane


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