Movie Review: Daybreakers

Movie Review: Daybreakers

Summary: Due to one single bat, an outbreak spread and vampires rule the world.

Published January 7, 2010

daybreakers_movie_poster1aSummary : Due to one single bat, an outbreak spread and vampires rule the world. In order to survive, these sleek vamps need human blood, but 10 years after the outbreak, in 2019, humans are becoming extinct. The powers that be need to find a substitute for blood or the vampires will die. But, does this substitute mean the humans will survive or will only the elite get the taste of real blood?

Review : I thought every possible vampire plot had been sucked out of Hollywood, but here comes Daybreakers , which seemed like a fresh idea on an ancient tale. Directed by the Spierig Brothers , Daybreakers had the potential to be great, but somewhere between the CNN vampires (I'm not joking) and the demands for "more blood in my coffee!," this gory movie landed with a stake right through the plot.

Ethan Hawke stars as a vampire who wants to save the human race and despises his vamp ways. Unfortunately, he is the only vamp who feels this way -- his brother, his boss and the rest of the fanged globe just want him to stop the whining and find a substitute for human blood.  You know, kind of like soy milk. On his quest for vegan blood, he finds another way -- to no longer be a vampire.

This reversal of vampire fortune is the deadliest bite to Daybreakers -- it's a complete betrayal to the premise of vampire stories. Vampires can somehow convert back to being mere mortals? If only the kids of Twilight had this option ! While the movie is shaky from the start, the vampire conversion twist burns the storyline to a predictable, useless and often campy mess.

In attempts at redemption, The Spierig Brothers added cutesy details in this world of vampires. Vampires will die in the sun so they have specialized cars to block the rays.  Also, because time gets away from vamps and you never know when daybreak is going to pop up, there are automated "UV warnings" to let all the bloodsuckers know it's time to slip back in their IKEA-like coffins. These intricacies make the flick intriguing at times, but not enough attention was given to the meat of the movie. Then, there is the lazy CGI that would embarrass even the Syfy Channel.

Despite a few jumps in your seat and some hilarious explosions of body parts, I’ve seen better special effects in a Nintendo DS video game and stronger plotlines on the back of a Count Chocula cereal box.

Daybreakers is in theaters today.

Written by Clay Cane


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