Best Films of 2010

Best Films of 2010

We already talked about the bad, now check out the best movies of 2010. 10.

Published December 26, 2010

We already talked about the bad , now check out the best movies of 2010.

10. Children Of God If there were any faults in this movie, Margaret Laurena Kemp 's performance redeemed every moment. All I could think was - why haven't I heard of this woman before?  Children of God is gloriously shot, each frame strikingly beautiful, despite its low budget. It’s refreshing to see an independent filmmaker who knows his craft. Unfortunately, the discipline of independent film-making has gotten lost in the age of the Internet, where anyone with web clips can claim they are a director.

9. Night Catches Us This might be Tanya Hamilton 's debut film, but this was not a movie for amateurs. She clearly took her time and did research. A Columbia University grad, she made a movie that is leagues ahead of that of a typical first-time filmmaker.

8. Aftershock Aftershock is a fresh movie-going experience that people of all backgrounds can enjoy. Most beautifully, the flick honors those who lost loved ones in the tragic earthquake 34 years ago. This is not just a movie, but an appropriate memorial for such a sad moment in China’s history.

7. 127 Hours Danny Boyle and James Franco made127 Hours another reason to never lose your faith in the magic of movie making.

6. The Social Network The closest to a John Hughes film this generation will get, which is a huge compliment.

5. La Mission Without a big budget and little promotion, the creators of La Mission brought together one of the more memorable movies of the year.

4. I Love You Phillip Morris Presented with sincerity, not 'fruity' buffoonery; I Love You Phillip Morris is easily the best comedy of 2010.

3. The Kids Are All Right Starring Annette Benning and Julianne Moore , The Kids Are All Right has been universally praised for its deeply emotional stories mixed with real-life comedy. Regardless of your background, the superbly written film is easily relatable. The viewer walks away with teachable moments and, even though it's cliche, realizing we are more alike than different.

2. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work Joan Rivers is an absolute piece of work and her revealing but hilarious documentary on her life is the best doc of the year. Rivers is a survivor in the entertainment industry and has the warrior marks to prove it.

1. I Will Follow At every angle, I Will Follow is a hailing achievement for writer and director Ava DuVernay . If you need explosions, guns, gratuitous sex, or epic CGI, then I Will Follow is not for you. But, if you want a movie with a flawless script, passionate actors, tears and laughs that result in inspiration, then this is a must-see. This is a story that will stay with you for many days after. Without question, I Will Follow is a full dose of humanity and makes me proud to be associated with the film industry.

Honorable mentions: Waiting For Superman , Conviction , Inception

Written by Clay Cane


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