Ten Worst Films of 2010; Cast Your Vote

Ten Worst Films of 2010; Cast Your Vote

2010 has been a rough year for films. 

Published December 20, 2010

2010 has been a rough year for films.  Sequels, remakes and false advertising have overcrowded movie theaters this year.  Check out my selections for the worst films of the year. Also, cast your vote below!

10. Iron Man 2Aesthetically, Iron Man 2 is a polished flick. Plot-wise, it's almost as bad as Catwoman.

9. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Not enough Gordan Gekko!  Money Never Sleeps is like watching two hours straight of CNBC, which is great if that is your channel of choice, but not a triumph for a feature-length film.

8. Eat Pray Love

At the end of the two-and-a-half hours we get to the same point of all the other stereotypical chick flicks. This is an overly intellectual version of any other Jennifer Lopez or Kate Hudson romantic comedy.

7. Daybreakers Despite a few jumps in your seat and some hilarious explosions of body parts, I've seen better special effects in a Nintendo DS video game and stronger plot lines on the back of a Count Chocula cereal box.

6. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The most troublesome blow is the archaic message of a girl who will abandon everything for a boy - friends, mother, father and even her soul. This is a character whose only identity is her boyfriend; Bella Swan sets women in film back 50 years.

5. Valentine's Day Not since Madonna in Who's That Girl? have I seen such an annoying pop star performance as Taylor Swift's in this movie. The only thing that could've saved her jittery acting is if Kanye Wes t had stormed her scenes. That might've resulted in an Oscar nod for Miss Taylor! With a movie that looks splattered with Pepto Bismol, Valentine’s Day actually made me despise Valentine’s Day even more.

4. Clash of the Titans What really morphed Clash of the Titans into cinematic stone is the 3-D.  After Avatar, everyone believes they are James Cameron . Avatar was successful in 3-D because of its groundbreaking visuals. Titans in 3-D only magnifies the unrealistic and cheap special effects. Scene after scene, it’s clear this is the dollar-store version of Avatar .

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy's 2010 makeover made him look like a burn victim meets a Na'vi creature from Avatar . Also, for a movie that is about its characters fighting sleep to survive, it's a shame Elm Street induces a few REM-driven naps.

2. Catfish Catfish is the worst case of false advertising in cinematic history.  Even if the film’s promotion wasn’t misleading, Catfish is still lackluster at best. There is nothing fresh about the content, which can be seen on any late night news special.

1. The Wolfman I'd rather watch Teen Wolf on repeat than yawn through The Wolfman again. It's the type of movie where you can fall asleep for 20 minutes, wake up and realize you didn't miss a thing.

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Written by Clay Cane


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