Danny Glover Arrested; Man Claims To Be Oprah's Father

Danny Glover Arrested; Man Claims To Be Oprah's Father

The stars of The Color Purple (and Beloved!)

Published April 19, 2010

oprah.jpg The stars of The Color Purple (and Beloved !) are in the news this week.  First, there is Danny Glover. T he 63-year-old is a respected actor and Academy Award nominee, but he is also a passionate activist.  Glover, who starred in Death At A Funeral which opened on Friday, protested at a U.S. food company in Maryland along with 11 others.  According to E!, all 12 of them were "busted by local cops as they rallied against Sodexo, a French food company over the level of wages workers were being paid in the cafeteria."  Glover tweeted on Saturday that he was fine and asked those who are interested in the cause to go to www.seiu.org for more information.

Kitty Kelley 's unauthorized biography on Oprah Winfrey has gotten some buzz but mainly blasted by the media because it doesn't reveal anything no one already knows about the media queen.  Kelley claims the man that Oprah thinks is her father is not her father.  Now, Norh Robinson , an 84-year-old World War II veteran, claims he is Oprah's real father -- not Vernon Winfrey , who raised Oprah along with her mother, Vernita Lee .  According to the New York Post, Robinson wrote Oprah but she never responded.

Ugh -- why can't folks just let Oprah be?  She is busy trying to change the world, not respond to tabloid rumors.

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Written by Clay Cane


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