Movie Review: The Losers


Movie Review: The Losers

Summary: A special forces unit thought to be dead, comes back for revenge against the man who tried to kill them.

Published April 26, 2010

The_Losers_movie_posterSummary : A special forces unit thought to be dead, comes back for revenge against the man who tried to kill them.

Review : I'd be curious to know where in the creative process The Losers made a wrong turn. Was it the oddball casting? The half-finished script? Straying too far from the comic book storyline? Directed by Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard ), The Losers had the potential to be an enjoyable popcorn flick in the way of Taken , instead it's inundated with a choppy script, brainless dialogue and over-the-top action sequences that aren't even plausible for a Sony PSP video game.

Like most action films, the movie starts strong.  However, once the audience gets past the first few explosives, there is nothing left but pieces of a charred plot. Even though this is an action flick, it's missing some basic character and story development.

One should never expect too much originality in films that are genre specific, but The Losers doesn't follow the formula or even create its own formula. Everything is generic -- from the group walking in slow motion to the silly one-liners ("Is this stupid question day?") to an uncomfortable romance between Zoe Saldana 's character and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (by the way, I look forward to when Saldana can go back to being cast with another person of color as a romantic lead -- she seems to be the current stock "interracial love" girl).

The cast had noticeable chemistry, performing as if they were thinking, "We know this movie is going to tank so we're going to have a great time!"  Therefore, even despite the bland script, Idris Elba , Columbus Short , Zoe Saladana and Chris Evans were all hilarious in their roles. Elba is such a likable presence that even when he is a bad guy, you still root for him.

Overall, a disappointment, but not terrible.  Luckily, the film makse you look forward to seeing more from the talented cast.

The Losers is in theaters now.

Written by Clay Cane


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