Movie Review: Why Did I Get Married Too?

Movie Review: Why Did I Get Married Too?

Summary: Four married couples reunite in the Bahamas for their annual retreat.

Published April 13, 2010

whydidigetmarriedSummary : Four married couples reunite in the Bahamas for their annual retreat. In true Tyler Perry style, comical and over-the-top drama ensues, forcing the couples to examine their relationships.

Review : Sequels for romantic comedies are as risky as sequels for horror films. If the chemistry works the first time, it's hard to match it twice, especially in films where every possible plot line has been squeezed out of the genre. Tyler Perry's first Why Did I Get Married? is critically his best film. While Why Did I Get Married Too? shows progression in his work, the movie does not equal the wit and cohesiveness as the first.

What's missing most in Married Too? i s the polish of the 2007 version. The structure of the original, regardless of complaints from critics, helped move the film forward with sharp commentary on love. This time around, Perry relies on lengthy improvised scenes that seemed misplaced and at times poorly shot. Perry is attempting to create a family-like intimacy, but several scenes resembled rehearsal footage.

A signature of Perry's work is several plots packed into one movie. Here, we have financial issues, emotional cheating, verbal abuse, cell phone drama, cancer, divorce, death and more. By the end, some of the premises are completely dropped or tied up with one or two closing lines. Some trimming of the script, especially for a movie that clocked in at two hours, would've made Married Too? a much more solid movie, driving home the central point, which is the resiliency of love and wanting to make a relationship work.

Acting-wise, Janet Jackson proves again she does have the chops (the emotional scene with Janet crying on the steps and the three other girls consoling her, tops anything in a Sex and the City movie), but I would like to see her skills in a better script.  Jill Scott , Malik Yoba , Sharon Leal, Tasha Smith (sometimes her boisterous hollering didn't translate as well in this sequel, but Smith's charisma is still infectious) and the rest of the cast clearly gave their best, but that wow factor just didn't happen for the characters in 2010.

Regardless, there are several moments in the film. There are laughs, some thought-provoking lines, you are entertained more than you are not -- and Cicely Tyson .  Any reason to see her on screen is worth it.

Perry doesn't pander to critics. His intent is to make positive films about Black family life without violence, sex, or drugs. Some filmmakers like to push buttons and make the earth move, like a Spike Lee or Lee Daniels . Perry's morals and values, regardless of art, will always come first.

Why Did I Get Married Too? is in theaters now.

Written by Clay Cane


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