'Why Did I Get Married 3'?

'Why Did I Get Married 3'?

Why Did I Get Married Too?

Published April 12, 2010

Why-Did-I-Get-Married-TooWhy Did I Get Married Too? has only been in the theaters for a couple weeks and there is already talk of third installment.  Tasha Smith , who played the boisterous Angela, told HipHollywood.com that there is a strong possibility for Janet Jackson , Jill Scott and Tasha to reunite.

“I know that Tyler said that he feels that there’s one more in there. And, you know, knowing the ending… It would be great to get an opportunity to talk about these characters and play them again. I don’t know anything about '3,' though. Tyler hasn’t given me any clue as to where he could go. I just hope he does it in Paris!”

Why Did I Get Married T00? has already grossed over 48 million dollars at the box office.

Would you want to see a third installment?


Written by Clay Cane


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