Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Summary: In Iron Man 2, the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster, Robert Downey, Jr. is back as the shallow, misogynist and elitist Tony Stark.

Published May 13, 2010

ironman2Summary : In Iron Man 2 , the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster, Robert Downey, Jr. is back as the shallow, misogynist and elitist Tony Stark. The government demands Stark hand over his superhero suit, which they believe is a threat to the American people. Stark refuses, but the Iron Man suit has its downfall. Iron Man raises Stark's blood toxicity level -- what is making him a superhero is also killing him. Will Iron Man defeat a corrupt government? Will Tony Stark find a way to be cured from the blood toxicity? Will there be an Iron Man 3 ? Take a wild Hollywood guess...

Review : Iron Man 2 has immunity in Hollywood. It's a junk food film with no objective but to make some cash; storytelling or logic is pointless. With more plot lines than Heidi Montag has surgeries , Iron Man 2 is over-packed with unnecessary villains, eye-rolling comedy, but only a spoonful of action. Is Iron Man 2 entertaining? I'm sure to many people it will be. Is it a good movie? Not if a competent script is important.

For some audiences a solid storyline is at the bottom of the list for an enjoyable movie. Without a doubt, Iron Man 2 is one of the most polished action flicks to come out in recent years. When you get doses of explosions and fighting scenes it doesn't look like a '90s video game, which is what some of the recent CGI disasters resemble . The director, Jon Favreau , had a vision, which was cleanly executed. You can't complain about the look, but in film, I don't care how great it looks, if there isn't a solid plot or a cohesive story then the movie hasn't down its job. But, what do I know? Iron Man 2 brought in over $130 million at the box office opening weekend!

Clocking in at 125 minutes, it's possible with proper editing Iron Man 2 could've been stronger. It takes over 30 minutes for you to see Iron Man; you are introduced to a flock of unneeded characters, Stark is struggling with everything from daddy issues to girlfriend issues, and the screenwriter, Justin Theroux , did a complete overkill of Stark being the anti-hero. Somewhere in between Samuel L. Jackson pops up as Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson is what I think is supposed to be the Black Widow, Mickey Rourke scowls with dangerous electrical jump ropes and Don Cheadle 's character turns his back on Stark for the government. Nonetheless, it's not the actors' fault their characters fell flat. The acting isn't the problem in Iron Man 2 ; it's the poor script, slow start and lack of action.

Aesthetically, Iron Man 2 is a polished flick. Plot wise, it's almost as bad as Catwoman .

Iron Man 2 is in theaters now.

Written by Clay Cane


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