Movie Review: Splice

Movie Review: Splice

Summary: Overzealous scientists mix various animal DNA with human DNA, creating a horny killing machine.

Published June 4, 2010

SpliceSummary : Overzealous scientists mix various animal DNA with human DNA, creating a horny killing machine.

Review : For some viewers Splice will land in the so-bad-it's-good territory. However, in order for a film to fall in that category, which I have always considered one of the most entertaining, it must not take itself too seriously and at least be slightly aware that it has no artistic merit.  This clarity is the route for most horror films and it is what made last year's Drag Me To Hell such a joyride.  The director of Splice , Vincenzo Natali , brought together science fiction-horror that is caked with dramatic, scientific babble and cheeseball, '80s gore -- the two don't mix.  Splice is two movies, one about morally bankrupt scientists and the other about a cliched killer species that chases victims through the country -- neither are very good. Halfway through, Splice mutates from tolerable to ridiculous.

There is a workable plot somewhere in the poor acting (Adrien Brody is a deserving Oscar winner but even Meryl Streep would have trouble with this script), dopey CGI and grotesque sex scenes.  If you enjoy complete implausibility, eye-rolling one-liners and inter-species soft porn, then maybe this film is for you. But, if you need a slice of reality or at least a somewhat logical script, then you will be disappointed.

That said, Splice isn't a boring movie.  Each scene just gets more ludicrous and the director doesn't seem to have a limit for foolishness.  Of course, like most horror films that hope to be a box office smash, Splice 's ending has potential for a sequel that will never happen.

Overall, Splice wasn't a fun movie-going experience, regardless of the camp factor and sex-with-a-different-species scenes (yes, scenes -- that means there is more than one scene of the hybrids getting it in); you are only laughing because it's so stupid -- not because it's so bad that it's good. It's up to you if that makes a good movie.

Splice is in theaters today.

Written by Clay Cane


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