J'Nara Corbin Guest Blogs: Team Jacob or Team Edward?

J'Nara Corbin Guest Blogs: Team Jacob or Team Edward?

I don’t know about you, but if a vampire does not burst into flames in sunlight it’s not a true vampire in my book!

Published June 29, 2010

I don’t know about you, but if a vampire does not burst into flames in sunlight it’s not a true vampire in my book! Stephenie Meyer took a timeless tale of terrifying creatures of old and exercised artistic liberty to create a clan of blood-sucking, teen-loving, glitter-glowing vamps that have taken the modern-day movie-going world by storm. Everyone and their mommas (literally tweens to 30-somethings) are caught up in this romantic yet radical tale of teen angst. The third installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse , hits theaters tomorrow, and after seeing the film last night, now is the time to finally choose a side. Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob ?

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to decide what type of guy she should “tie her soul to.” I have quite a few years and more melanin on Kristen Stewart ’s character, Bella, but I'm still trying to figure the type I want to be tied to. But why do I have to be tied? Can’t I just be cuddled?

Well, how in the world is Bella supposed to decide before the credits roll? Here are the choices. You have the bad boy, in this case a vampire that promises you a lifetime of youth and unbridled yearning. Robert Pattinson’s character, Edward, has got Bella caught up in his boyish charm and old school chivalry, even though he’s cold as stone and has no beating heart... Well, girls, they’re never perfect!

A life with Edward will keep Bella forever young by becoming an ageless vampire – even if she has no soul. This factor is a definite plus in today’s society. Masses of women are fighting the aging process armed with the 3 Bs: Botox, breast lifts, and occasional bulimia. No one wants to get old. I, too, have a hang up with openly sharing my age; perhaps it has something to do with my Southern upbringing. A lady never tells her age and a gentleman should never ask! So, I can definitely see why girls of all ages would sign up for Team Edward.

On the other hand, you have the boy next door. Taylor Lautner ’s character, Jacob Black, is a part-time werewolf, who unconditionally (even if you also love a pale-faced vampire) loves you for who you are -- even when the wrinkles come a few years later.  The 30-something woman who sat beside me in the theater was banking on that… she swooned every time Lautner’s rippled eight-pack abs made a cameo.  I can appreciate the beauty of that brown boy, and I have been known to say, “If you can’t find a good man, you might as well raise one!"  Nonetheless, I’m still well aware of the fact that he is a boy. I shot that woman side-eye stares every time she sighed, all while thinking, “Girl, get yourself together, you could be his momma!”

What is a girl of any age to do? I for one have decided to sign up for Team Jacob for two reasons. One, putting a spin on Wesley Snipes' catch phrase, “Always bet on Black ,” I believe that “ You are insured with the indigenous!” -- shout out to my Meherrin Tribe!  Two, although the fantasy of being forever young is enticing, growing older is a reality for everyone. The thought of being with a man without the requirement of losing my soul and him kissing my eventual crows feet -- ladies (and boys) that sounds absolutely wonderful to me!

Twilight: Eclipse is in theatres tomorrow.


J’Nara Corbin is a New York City-based actress and model. She is starring in the film, Finding Me, which is available  on DVD.  To read more of J’Nara’s work click here for her commentary on The Karate Kid.

Written by Clay Cane


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