Nelson George's 'Left Unsaid'

Nelson George's 'Left Unsaid'

Ever wondered what's behind someone's Facebook profile? 

Published July 2, 2010

Ever wondered what's behind someone's Facebook profile?  While many are revelatory on social networking sites, the web series, Left Unsaid , is exploring what's beyond a profile, proving Facebook should not be our only identity.

The 19-episode series is written and directed by Nelson George (Good Hair , Life Support) and debuted at the American Black Film Festival .  The series takes place on a Sunday in Brooklyn with 15 women meeting via one woman's Facebook account.  A standout episode, Alive in Cuba stars Chyna Layne , from the Oscar-winning Precious , is a quirky take on if 2Pac is alive and well in Cuba.  Left Unsaid teaches us that we are more than a profile or a status update, in this technology driven world we forget the importance of human interaction.

Click here to watch all 19 episodes .

Check out the trailer below!

Written by Clay Cane


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