'The Lottery Ticket' in Theaters Today

'The Lottery Ticket' in Theaters Today

The Lottery Ticket, starring Bow Wow and Ice Cube, is in theaters today. 

Published August 20, 2010

The Lottery Ticket , starring Bow Wow and Ice Cube , is in theaters today.  In our recent interview with Bow Wow he told us , "It’s a great film. It covers all bases. It’s a lot of things that people can relate to and it’s just a good family-friendly film that you can take your girl to, your kids to. There’s a strong message behind this movie and a real story behind it. I hope that’s what people take from it when they leave the theater."

In addition, the legendary Ice Cube said in our interview , "It’s about how everybody hates on you when you don’t got nothing. Then, you come across love and people are real fake when you get successful. So Bow Wow has to figure out who his real friends are. It’s a funny movie when it gets to that, and it deals with a lot of materialism."

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Written by Clay Cane


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