Movie Review: The Town

Movie Review: The Town

Jennifer Lopez’s former fiancé is turning himself into a Martin Scorsese.

PUBLISHED ON : SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 / 12:30 AM

Jennifer Lopez ’s former fiancé is turning himself into a Martin Scorsese . The Oscar-winner is known for films like Good Will Hunting , Armageddon , Daredevil —and we can’t ever forget Gigli ! That movie always deserves a spot in Affleck’s bio but I digress… Now, he is upping the ante with the surprisingly enjoyable and action-packed The Town . It’s one of those rare cases that the previews are actually as good as the movie.

Directed and written by Mr. Affleck, he goes back to his Boston roots, which is sometimes needed when you get too Hollywood. Adapted from the book Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan, four childhood friends are career criminal as bank robbers. Under the control of a “boss” there are particular banks they must rob and chaos ensues when Affleck’s develops an attraction to one of the victims of the bank they robbed. The initial goal was to keep an eye on her, afraid she might be able to identify them but Affleck falls in love.

At times, the romantic relationships get a bit too sappy but never falls into Jersey Girl or He's Just Not That Into You territory. It’s actually a needed relief in a high-powered film that explodes from scene to scene.

Don’t think The Town is a simply romantic comedy within the setting of bank robbing. This is a raw, action-packed flick with a good plot. Affleck has an eye for quality action, not over indulgent CGI. The conflict between the characters feels real with the scenarios that the viewer will care about. The Town might just be the best action film of the year.

The Town is clearly going to be a huge hit and deserves to be.  All of that said, my favorite bank robber film will always be Set It Off – none of these four Boston robbers want a piece of Cleo!

Written by Clay Cane


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