Movie Review: "Jack and Jill"

Movie Review: "Jack and Jill"

Summary: Jack's not-so-elegant twin sister, Jill, is coming to her twin's house in Cali for Thanksgiving.

Published November 10, 2011

Summary : Jack's not-so-elegant twin sister, Jill, is coming to her twin's house in Cali for Thanksgiving. Jill extends her stay, causing a heap of chaos and consistently annoying Jack.  However, Al Pacino falls for Jill and Jack desperately needs the Scarface star for a commercial to save his advertising company.

Review : John Travolta (Hairspray ), Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire ), Tyler Perry (Madea), Wesley Snipes (Noxeema Jackson in To Wong Fu — a role I will never forget!) are just a few of the household names of famous men who have "gone female" for the big screen. A drag-a-licious comedy is normally a shoe-in for box office success. However, Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill is one of Hollywood's forgettable, dress-wearing flicks.

Sandler's transformation into a buxom "big gal" is missing some flair and depth. Yes, you might think, "He is in a fat suit and dress — what depth do you want?" But Madea, Sheneneh and Mrs. Doubtfire are all fleshed-out characters, not unoriginal parodies.

Undoubtedly, Sandler is a funny man and the script has some hilarious moments, mainly in the cameos, which include Johnny Depp , Shaquille O'Neal and David Spade . But the comedy is so low brow: fart jokes, fat jokes and racial humor, which is becoming increasingly popular these days. It takes more than putting on a dress to be funny; drag humor has always had polish and wit. Jack and Jill is unnecessarily sloppy and reeks of a frat comedy in a wig.

A glimmer of hope comes from the hilarious Al Pacino playing himself, who is obsessed with Jill. The Oscar winner must have agreed to the role as a favor to Sandler. The film is beneath him, but he ups the level of enjoyment as far as it can go. More of Al and Jill would have made for a better film.

If there was a drag queen pageant and Mrs. Doubtfire, Noxeema Jackson, Madea and Jill had to compete (even the name, Jill, is bland), Miss Jill would get the axe before she graced the runway. Jack and Jill would've been funnier as a five-minute Saturday Night Live skit than a 91 minute movie.

Jack and Jill is in theaters today.

Written by Clay Cane


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