Movie Review: "Chronicle"

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Movie Review: "Chronicle"

Summary: After three nosy teens find a radioactive hole, they are given unexplainable powers of flight and telekinesis.

Published February 2, 2012

Summary : After three nosy teens find a radioactive hole, they are given unexplainable powers of flight and telekinesis. However, the resident "nerd" of the group, who is constantly bullied, lets his powers get the best of him.

Review : Teens with superpowers is no new concept: examples include X-Men , Heroes and one of the originals, Carrie . Unlike those imaginative flicks, Chronicle is a rehashing of everything we've seen before, it's almost good and almost bad, but not without moments of entertainment. Directed by Josh Trank and written by Max Landis , the 20th Century Fox film struggles to take flight — it could be the overused Blair Witch Project -style of a hand-held cam or the cumbersome special effects that looked like with each passing the scene they were running out of money. By the end of the short 83 minutes, the result is a disappointingly mediocre film that needed some serious creative superpowers versus relying on docu-style gimmicks and trite morality tales.

Chronicle is the type of movie you walk out of and say, "Well, it could've worked if they did this," or "If they only would've tried this." For example, the lead actors (Dane DeHann , Alex Russell and the up-and-coming Michael B. Jordan ), have great chemistry. However, their characters are shallow with ridiculous shifts — within five minutes the nerd goes from shy geek to a Magneto-type madman terrorizing the hometown of Starbucks.

Also, references to blogs and "chronicling" life on an HD cam soaks the Chronicle .  Yes, the youth of today might be obsessed with documenting every detail of their lives, but it's implausible that anyone would be that camera-hungry (unless you're Paris Hilton ) to film as they are about to rob a gas station or fall to their death in a car that is being thrown across the skies of Seattle.  If it didn't work for Cloverfield , it certainly is an epic fail for Chronicle .

Chronicle had tons of potential and who knows how well it will perform at the box office. There were moments of genuine talent in the work of the director, writer and actors. Overall, Chronicle was a film we have seen too many times, and done much better. One plus: It wasn't in 3D!

Chronicle is in theaters now.

Written by Clay Cane


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