Movie Review: "Inside Llewyn Davis"

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Movie Review: "Inside Llewyn Davis"

After yawning through one hour and 45 minutes of the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, I considered not writing a review.

Published December 20, 2013

After yawning through one hour and 45 minutes of the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis , I considered not writing a review. Writing a review requires me to invest more precious seconds in this dull, folk musical. Yes, the film will rack up awards and critics will love it, but Inside Llewyn Davis is more about the pretentiousness of filmmaking and less about its audience.

In case you didn’t know, the Coen brothers are darlings every awards season. No one can deny their talent, therefore, it should be no shock that their latest flick is nearly universally praised by critics. But regardless of the accolades, I have to be honest — just imagine I’m strumming a guitar, it might be easier to read: Inside Llewyn Davis earned the distinct honor of being the most overrated film of the year — consider the snooze-fest The Artist of 2013.

The comedy-drama was written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen , who have mastered artsy, highfalutin filmmaking. The star of the film is Oscar Isaac , who portrays Llewyn Davis, a struggling singer-songwriter in 1961 New York City. Going "inside" his world, the movie takes us on a week in the life of Davis. He sleeps from couch to couch, loses a cat, tries to land a record deal, argues with his bitter, pregnant lover and plays guitar at random bars in Greenwich Village. Decorated with grey cinematography that appeared to be polished with ash, the moody film is a cinematic tranquilizer.

Inside Llewyn Davis is not a poorly made film. But no matter how much one tries to intellectualize, dramatize or emotionalize Inside Llewyn Davis — the film lacks entertainment value. Yes, the acting is good, there are a few well-written folky ditties performed by Isaac, Justin Timberlake plays a small role, John Goodman is perfect as always, but the flick is inaccessible. Inside Llewyn Davis will be another overhyped, award-winning film that the average moviegoer will never see or hear about beyond 2013.

Inside Llewyn Davis is playing in select cities now.

Written by Clay Cane


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