Movie Review: "Star Trek Into Darkness"

Movie Review: "Star Trek Into Darkness"

Summary: In J.J.

Published May 28, 2013

Summary : In J.J. Abrams' second Star Trek installment, the Enterprise crew are hunting  down a traitor in their own group who has massive plans to destroy Earth and beyond.

Review : J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness is a nearly perfect appetizer for the upcoming summer blockbuster season. The Paramount film doesn't take itself too seriously yet still delivers wit thanks to Zachary Quinto with his superb performance as Spock. All of the ingredients are there: likable characters, standard but enjoyable storyline, funny one-liners and full-blown action. The movie safely does its job and is easily the first must-see action flick of the year.

Surprisingly, it's not the action that makes Star Trek a hit, it's the undeniable charm from the legendary characters brought together by a magnetic cast. Whether it's the realistic relationships between Caption Kirk and his one night stands or Spock and his boo, Uhura, it's the chemistry of the actors that makes the trite not too painful. Yes, every action scene is predictable and sometimes the script feels a bit soap-opera-in-space, but viewers will enjoy how each character arrives from one point to another.

The relatable tone of the Kirk, Spock and Uhura rise above the camp of the original and iconic series. The younger and fresher version of Star Trek will satisfy trekkies yet you don't have to be a Star Trek guru to follow. But one major element Star Trek brought to the reboot is diversity. The series was known for breaking the color barrier on television. On the big screen, mostly everyone is represented, unlike many action films we see today. 

Into Darkness is another blockbuster success for Abrams and team. Clocking in a little over two hours, the film is not flawless, but the pros definitely outweigh the cos.

Star Trek Into Darkness is in theaters now.

Written by Clay Cane


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