Movie Review: 'Lucy'

Movie Review: 'Lucy'

Don't you hate when you are enjoying the first 15 minutes of a film and saying to yourself, "This is going to be good!"

Published July 25, 2014

Don't you hate when you are enjoying the first 15 minutes of a film and saying to yourself, "This is going to be good!" Then, the movie takes an odd turn to the left, completely goes off course and you're soon thinking, "When the hell is this going to be over?" That is the best way to describe Luc Besson 's Lucy . Yes, the debunked myth of "humans only use ten percent of their brain capacity" is an interesting premise for a film, but the idea quickly gets lost in being a cerebral life lesson rather than entertaining. Don't expect a fun femme fatale flick like the Underworld franchise or 1993's Point of No Return .

Despite a great start and the presence of the always-excellent Morgan Freeman , Lucy suffers from a deadpan script packed with laughable dialogue, harebrained (even for sci-fi) scenarios and an awkward performance from Scarlett Johansson , who stars as Lucy, a young woman caught up in corrupt deal with well-dressed Korean gangsters. After ingesting a powerful drug, her senses are heightened and she becomes Miss 100 Percent.  What's amazing about Lucy's ability to access her full brain capacity is that she becomes less human with each second. She feels no pain, spots diseases, creates a black blob of computers complete with a stylish USB card, travels in time and all with perfect blonde trestles of hair.

Clearly, the Tony winner was doing her best to make a flat character work, which might have looked better on paper (Angelina Jolie was once attached, but ultimately dropped out of the film).  However, with eye-rolling babble and not enough sensical action, Lucy fails due to its own premise and Johansson's zombie-like portrayal couldn't save the film.  The good side: Lucy only clocks in 88 minutes, which is a relief considering the unnecessary, nearly three-hour epics we have today. Just when you cannot take anymore, the film swiftly ends.  With my limited ten percent brain capacity, it's possible that I couldn't grasp the film's greatness ... but I doubt it.  Lucy is bland on arrival.

Lucy is in theaters now.

Written by Clay Cane


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