Lifestyle | Style | Beauty: Want Beautiful Hair? Here's How

Lifestyle | Style | Beauty: Want Beautiful Hair? Here's How

Published August 29, 2007

Posted Aug. 27, 2007 - Dry, brittle, damaged hair may be the result of your hair routine. If you want to prevent breakage, start by breaking some of those bad hair habits. Some ladies are obviously into the Don King look, and that’s their prerogative, but those who want to get off the unpaved road to hair destruction, please take note. Some things are just not negotiable if you want a healthy head of hair. So, all in favor of strong strands, make a U-turn here!

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Using too much heat too often is the No. 1 cause of hair breakage. The blow dryer, curling iron and the flat iron are all wonderful tools for achieving a fabulous mane, but used in excess they become your hair’s worst enemy. Try wrapping, pin-curling or rolling your hair between salon visits to maintain your hair’s flawless flair. Using heat on your hair daily is not acceptable. I repeat: “not acceptable!"

Go ahead and plead guilty because the verdict is in, we don’t shampoo our hair properly. Never manipulate your sudsy rug in a circular motion. Instead, shampoo your hair with your fingertips, using an in-and-out motion to get your tresses squeaky clean.

Remember, wet hair is extremely vulnerable to breakage, so always comb from the ends of the hair to the root. I am sure you remember the bad memories of having your head yanked to the floor as a child. You can now tell Mama she was wrong. It is OK to take your time and work from the bottom to the top.

One of the more unassuming culprits that can damage your hair is friction. If you’re a wild sleeper, you may want to get a satin bonnet or a satin pillowcase to minimize the dry friction that can harm your hair as you toss and turn. Listen up ladies. Regularly wrapping your hair (in a circular pattern) can really wreak havoc on your edges. Take a break from the ”wrap session” or try occasionally switching the direction of your wrap. 

Chemicals are very powerful and can cause devastating injuries to healthy locks. Simply put, chemical treatments (relaxers, hair dyes, bleach and perms) should be left to the professionals! Even mad scientists test on lab rats; don’t be your own guinea pig.

If you suddenly appear to be of Asian descent after taming your tresses into a ponytail, it’s TOO TIGHT! You can keep it neat and still keep your edges. Simply reduce the tension of your kung-fu grip as you bind the hair in place.

Say good-bye to your bad hair habits today, and I’ll see you on Luxurious Locks Lane. Now say that three times as fast as you can.

Written by BET-Staff


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