Lifestyle | Style: Alicia Keys's Guilty Pleasures

Lifestyle | Style: Alicia Keys's Guilty Pleasures

Published September 5, 2007

Posted Sept. 4, 2007 -- There’s nothing ordinary about Alicia Keys. She’s more than talented to crank out cookie-cutter pop hits, but that’s not her vibe.  She’s pretty enough to shake her assets in scantily clad clothes with the best of the bootylicious crew, but that’s not her style. The classically trained pianist walks to the beat of her own tune, and her devoted fans of ordinary people love her for it.

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If the R&B songstress was just ordinary, her accessory addiction would be a hot pair of shoes or the latest gadget, not hats from Cha-Cha’s House of Repute.

Alicia Keys’s Guilty Pleasures

Accessory Addiction: “I’m obsessed with these crazy hats. I can have the worst hair day, but a hat will make all the difference.”

Chick Flick: “My all-time favorite is Beaches. I love that movie so much. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I always cry – and I mean ‘boohoo.’”

Online Time-Waster: “I’m always on I get a lot of decorating ideas from it. I like to check out their outdoor furniture. It’s so nice and cozy.”

Talk Show: “I get my Rachael Ray on! You get this feeling that you know her, even if you don’t. She seems like an old friend or one of your favorite aunts. She’s not worried about coming off a little goofy. It’s refreshing.”

Drink: “I’ve traveled to Italy, where I learned to savor a beautiful red wine, the way that it can taste and smell, and it enhances the whole evening. But I also like a Malibu and Coke.”

Karaoke Song: “On my birthday, I was touring Japan. What better place to go to a karaoke bar? I took musicians from my band, and we all sang ‘It’s Raining Men’ really bad on purpose.”

Minibar Must-Have: “I usually don’t take anything from the minibar, but sometimes I can’t resist those peanut M&M’s. I have a sweet tooth.”

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