Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Blonde Bombshell

Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Blonde Bombshell

Published September 12, 2007

Posted Sept. 12, 2007 -- After coming onto the R&B scene as a fiery redhead, Keyshia Cole did it, Beyoncé has trademarked it, and Eve is so versatile with it! In there own unique way, these ladies have embraced their golden locks creating a style that’s all their own. So if you’re thinking of joining the A-list of Blonde Bombshells and you want to test the old saying, that blondes have more fun, consider everything before you baptize your hair in peroxide.


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Complete this short checklist before lightening your locks. 


1st Similar to surgery, you want to be sure that your hair is strong enough to come out alive, before going under the foil and brush. If your hair is dry, over processed or shedding you may want to rethink going blonde. Only lighten your hair if it’s healthy.


2nd Consider the current color of your hair, your complexion and the desired shade when choosing the right blonde for you.  An easy way to make a color choice that you won’t regret is to look through magazines, try on a few wigs and ask the opinion of those you trust.


3rd Selecting the right product on your own can be tricky since the average person has no clue about the chemistry involved in lightening hair. Simply, discuss your expectations with your stylist to decide which product will work best to achieve the look you want.


4th Are you up for the task? Your regular maintenance routine will have to be upgraded. Chances are you don’t have a team of stylists paid to maintain your hair. This means you’ll have to make the commitment to pamper your tresses with extra TLC, fade-fighting products, and plenty of moisturizing treatments to help your hair maintain its luster.


Blonde hair can suit a rainbow of complexions, hair textures and styles. So whether you want to go platinum blonde, honey blonde or you’re thinking of just lightening your bangs, be well informed and just do it!




Written by BET-Staff


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