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Lifestyle | Style: Fashion Fix

Published September 27, 2007

Dear BFF,


I cry every time I look in my closet. I have clothes, but have no idea what to wear. Nothing I have accentuates my figure! I’m tall and slim, and have no curves to save my life. I’m always rushing in the morning because I can’t find anything cute to wear, and end up throwing on the same jeans and one of my many t-shirts. Please help me.


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B.F.F. SOLUTION: Make sense out of that chaotic hole you call a closet. Tackle this and your mornings will be less stressful.


Start by removing EVERY SINGLE THING from your closet. Then, separate items you removed and divide them into three piles – KEEP, THROW AWAY, DONATE. If you have not worn that red, Baby Phat hoodie more than twice in the last year, get rid of it! Free yourself of everything, but the KEEP pile. I suggest you give as much of your DONATE stuff to a consignment store. Find one in your area and make a little extra cash. Whatever they don’t want, give to Goodwill.


Now you’re ready for the fun part. Turn on some music and divide your KEEP pile into three categories -- Summer, Winter and Spring/Fall. Store away your out of season attire and organize your seasonal stuff: Professional, special occasion and casual gear. Finally, hang up or put away your three piles and – Voila! You’ve just made getting dressed in the morning so much easier.


FASHION TIP: You’re a great height, but you have a boyish figure – slender with no hips.  Try belted styles, like wrap dresses and A-line styles for a more feminine silhouette. The biggest mistake you can make with your figure is to wear anything baggy, unless you’re showing a bit of torso or adding a waist-cinching, figure flattering belt to your ensemble. Invest in a good pair of wide-leg and straight-leg jeans. If you have an H&M in your town, they have a nice, dark wash for $40 that’s perfect for tall, slender fashionistas. Or if you’ve got a little more money in your budget, find a pair of DKNY’s at Macy’s. They’ll cost you about $80 bucks, but they’ll fit in all the right places. Fitted tops with Lycra will help give you more shape and a low neckline (scoop or v-neck) will also hint at womanliness.


Hope we helped. Good luck!


Your B.F.F. (Beauty. Fashion. Fix.)

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