Lifestyle | Style | Beauty: Say ‘I Do’ to These Wedding Beauty Tips

Lifestyle | Style | Beauty: Say ‘I Do’ to These Wedding Beauty Tips

Published September 27, 2007

Posted Aug. 13, 2007 -- Ladies, your wedding will be one of the most photographed events in your life, which is why nothing short of perfection will do. Aside from the very important wedding gown, choosing the right hair and make-up will give you the ideal nuptial glow! However, whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or the mother-of-the-groom, remember that all eyes will be on the entire wedding party, so it’s a must to look your absolute best!

Tip #1 – Always experiment with your hair and makeup prior to the wedding, so that your flawless look is ready to execute on the big day. Waiting until the day of the wedding to try a new hair color or to switch foundations can be disastrous! Say “I do” to eliminating the wedding-day stress of trying something unpredictable.

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Tip #2 – When choosing the ideal nuptial look, always consider your role in the wedding. If you are the bride, it’s your chance to be dramatic and command attention! So don’t be afraid to wear a non-traditional hair broche, add a few inches to your locks or wear a tussled care-free style. It’s OK to continue the drama with your makeup! Try wearing bold lipstick, or use your favorite-color eye shadow around your entire eye to create a sensual “smoky” look.  Say “I do” to being a diva for the day! 

Tip #3 – Don’t overdo it if you are not the bride. If you’re in the bridal party, your look should compliment the Queen Bee. If you’re given the freedom of choice, opt for a subtle appearance that is flattering on you. Stay away from “big” hair, neon-pink eye shadow or anything outrageous that could be distracting. Instead flaunt a loose pin-up or soft ringlets, and go for neutral makeup tones. Say “I do” to being a show-stopper on your own wedding day!

Tip #4 – A flower girl should look like a little angel. Put away the MAC kit and simply use a sheer lip gloss to add a modest shimmer to the tiny princess. Leave the colorful barrettes at home and try adding a crown of flowers to her natural locks or simple baby’s breath to her ponytail. Say “I do” to letting the flower girl’s innocence and natural beauty sparkle.

Tip # 5 – Always start with a clean canvas. Ideally, a blemish-free complexion is best, so exfoliate by getting a facial, or use your favorite face scrub to reveal your bright new skin texture. Be sure to investigate your options ahead of time so that you are aware of the results. Make certain that your eyebrows are arched just right and all superfluous facial hair is removed. Never wax on the wedding day! If you’re the bride, be sure that you’re pearly white’s are indeed white. Finally, say “I do” to being just as beautiful when the makeup comes off!

With these hot tips, you can ring the wedding bells with confidence!

Written by BET-Staff


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