Lifestyle | Style: Fashion: Fall Must-Haves

Lifestyle | Style: Fashion: Fall Must-Haves

Published October 10, 2007

Posted Oct. 1, 2007 -- Tyra Banks and several of fashion’s leading style gurus coach us on how to look chic instead of weak this season. Here’s “15 Things you MUST have for Fall.”

#15 The Reverse French Manicure. The traditional French manicure, nude with white tips still works, but you’ll need to flip the script to be on point this season. Paint your nails black and the tips white. Black power!

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#14 Nature Inspired Necklace. The theme is simple; look for chain that features things you’d find outdoors. A gold necklace with a leaf charm or a silver rope with a butterfly medallion will do.

#13 White Handbag. This was a must-have last fall too. So, if you still have your white satchel from last winter, you’re ahead of the game. This season it will really pop against the navy, purple and grey that everyone will be draped in.

#12 Long Colored Glove. A.K.A. the “opera” length glove. This vogue piece will look so elegant with a quarter sleeve jacket. I plan to find a red pair ASAP.

#11 The Floaty Blouse. Since this top is loose and flowing, definitely choose a closer fitting bottom. With this trend keep it feminine by opting for a great color or ruffled details.

#10 Sexy Romper. Yes...Finally, something comfortable to wear to bed that will still make your man do a double take. It’s basically a cotton, strapless, shorts jumper, if you can imagine that. Sexy, but practical!

#9 The Snood. OK, the name threw me off too, but it’s a term from the 40’s fad that’s equivalent to our modern day knit beret. Much cuter than a skull cap ladies!

#8 Belted Coat. This one just never gets old. It accentuates the waist and gives you a pulled together look, regardless of what you actually have on underneath.

#7 Pencil Skirt. I am sure that all of my professional divas own one already. This time grab one with a higher waist and a shorter hemline. If you dare, add a bow or belt accent.

#6 High Waist Pant. This is not Foxy Brown’s long zippered high waist pant. This craze will emphasize the dip in your hip and curve of your back. Watch out now, don’t hurt nobody!

#5 The Stack Heel, Round Toe Shoe. It’s so hard to put away the pointy toe stiletto! I must admit the stack heel is easier to walk in and it is nice to have wiggle room for all five little piggy's. 

#4 Sweater Dress. The sweater dress is undeniably fly when paired with opaque tights or gathered with a stylish belt. Careful, the right fit is essential, those knits can really cling.

#3 Leather Cuff. Sport this ornament with a super feminine outfit to just hint that you have a wild side. Hunt for the cuffs with a textured finish or a little embellishment.

#2 Colored Jeans. This fashion trend is doable, but don’t overdue it. Keep everything else subtle and let the jeans be the statement piece. The color choices are endless.

(…and drum roll…) #1 Ankle Boots. Topping the list is the ultra cute Bootie which is really a shoe that we pay boot price for. Even still, everyone will have them in rotation this year. While the truly fashionable will couple them with the pencil skirt and tights.

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