Lifestyle | Style: Fashion: Go From Work to Play

Lifestyle | Style: Fashion: Go From Work to Play

Published October 10, 2007

Posted Oct. 9, 2007 - Here’s the dilemma, it’s Friday and you have to go straight from work to an evening engagement with little time to spare. So, how do you go from day to night in the twinkle of an eye? You plan ahead and like Superwoman you disappear into a phone booth, spin around and come out ready to roll!

Scenario: You’re no stranger to the corporate world’s dress code, so by no mistake you’re in compliance, wearing a well structured black pencil skirt and a fitted emerald green V-neck top. The accessories simple: a pair of diamond studs, stunning black patent leather pumps and a grey hand bag. Your makeup is conservative, consisting of perfectly matched foundation, a cinnamon lipstick, and a little black mascara.

After Work You're Hanging With the Girls 

  • Throw on a chucky caramel colored belt to break up the green V neck and black skirt. This will emphasize your feminine curves that were modestly hidden at work. Lose the pumps and put on a gold sandal and a gold bangle or two.
  • Play-up your eyes by adding midnight blue shadow and more mascara. Remove the lipstick and flaunt a pale almost nude gloss.
  • Let your hair flow, so you can swing it on the dance floor while you shake your tambourine!

You and Your Guy Friend Meet Up for Drinks

  • Put away the skirt and pair the jewel-toned green top with dark blue skinny jeans and a cute ballet flat.
  • Sweep your eyelids with shimmery chocolate shadow and a champagne shade under the brow. Highlight those “kissables” with a beautiful copper gloss.    
  • With the help of a few hair pins, sweep your hair to one side. It says, “Yeah I’m sexy and I don’t have to try hard."

Late Dinner and Dancing

  • Give the skirt a boost with a cream sequin knit tank and swap the grey hand bag for a small clutch. No need to change the patent leather pumps or the diamond studs.
  • Line your eye with a black liner, re-up on the mascara and a bold red lipstick is just the punch this look needs.
  • A simple1-2 twist and tuck will give you a loose updo with class.

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