Lifestyle | Style | Beauty: Six Stress-free Hairstyles Perfect for Summer

Lifestyle | Style | Beauty: Six Stress-free Hairstyles Perfect for Summer

Published October 10, 2007

Posted August 13, 2007 -- Whether checking out the city hot spots, picnic-hopping or enjoying an outdoor concert, high-maintenance tresses are a no-no during summer months. Here are six simple hair styles that will keep you looking fabulous without the fuss!

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1. Classic Ponytail – A ponytail done correctly can be a sexy, fresh look, ideal for the heat. The key is to keep it neat! Depending on your hair texture and length, try either a loose or a smooth ponytail. By gathering the hair with a little or a lot of tension, you can try them both and decide which is more flattering on you. With a ponytail, your face will be front and center, so be sure to play up your best facial features with a little makeup.

2. Straight to the Point – It’s simple and oh so chic to wear your hair bone straight! Just blow it dry and add a little pomade to smooth the hair out.  With this style, split ends are out, so be sure to have your ends trimmed properly. If your hair is long, you’ll have a great retro look; if it’s short or layered, you can sport a care-free, rock-star flair.

3. When in Doubt Accessorize – Hair accessories are a fun way to spice up a plain ’do.  Show your personality or grab someone’s attention by adding a flower; go ’70s mod with the perfect head band; or wrap it all up with a colorful scarf or cultural head wrap! However you decide, a flirty hair accessory is a great way to put your summer hair troubles behind you.

4. Fancy Free Pin Up – Go for a tussled pin-up, which works perfectly as a sexy day or evening style. First hold your head down and shake using your hands, then grab the longer strands, twist and pin your hair just enough to hold it in place. Let the shorter strands fall where they may and you’re ready to go. If a summer breeze happens to blow the loose strands around, that’s even better!

5. Au Natural – Work with what you were given. Many women have naturally curly or wavy hair that can be enhanced. Even those that have chemically relaxed hair can revitalize their natural texture. While the hair is still damp, massage into your hair one of the many curl-enhancing products on the market. As the hair begins to dry, use the “scrunching” or “grab-and-release” method to help your curly coifs spring to life. With this style, the summer humidity will act as a curl activator! 

6. 1-Step Extensions – Add a little Hollywood glamour to your summer ’do! The possibilities are endless. Try a hair partial, also known as a “fall” or “wiglet.” These pieces have built-in hair combs and small draw strings that make attaching them a breeze. Generally, you leave your hair out along the front edges, attach the fall, then, using the hair you left out, simply blend for a seamless star-studded look! Be sure to choose the hair color and texture that matches your hair best.

Try any of these ultra-glam, super-easy hair styles for the summer, and you’re sure to beat the heat, without stressing over your tresses!

Written by BET-Staff


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