Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: The Latest Brow Arching Technique

Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: The Latest Brow Arching Technique

Published October 13, 2007

Posted Oct. 9, 2007 - Everyone’s buzzing about the new beauty phenomenon that’s taming eyebrows all across the country. Threading is the latest trend in the art of eyebrow arching. The stars have been pioneers in using this cosmetic procedure. However, threading salons are taking root in every major city, giving everyone a chance to “get threaded.” It has people tossing out the tweezers and flushing the wax down the drain!

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Here’s how it works. Using pure cotton thread, the aesthetician twists the middle of the string several times to form a loop. The tightly coiled portion is maneuvered back and forth to trap a series of unwanted hairs and pull them from the skin. Hair is removed in a swift straight line for a precise arch that is more natural in appearance.
Threading vs. Waxing and Tweezing. If you experience redness and swelling after getting your eyebrows waxed, you might want to give this rage a try. Unlike waxing, it safely removes hair from the follicle without removing any skin or causing skin irritation. This is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin, and those on strong acne medications.

Since threading eliminates several hairs at a time, including the “peach fuzz”, it can be done in half the time it takes to tweeze your brows. Less pain and time … I’m in!

Cost and Duration. The great news is you don’t have to be Richey Rich to take part in Hollywood’s new brow craze. Threading is affordable with prices ranging from $10-$20 depending on the salon.

Like tweezing and waxing it generally lasts 2-3 weeks. Although it may be less painful, be realistic and expect some discomfort. Applying an astringent and moisturizer to soothe the treated area is still important. Once you “get threaded” you might just get hooked.

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