Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Bangs Are All the Rage

Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Bangs Are All the Rage

Published October 15, 2007

Posted Oct. 15, 2007 - Soft and fringed or voluminous and blunt, bangs are a huge trend this season, and it’s all about cutting those frontal strands so that they work for you. It’s a quick way to get a new look without drastically changing your hair. Entertainment’s biggest names are experimenting with bangs and looking fabulous doing it. Decide which forehead covering style will give you a star studded new fall look.

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If you have the face to carry thick bangs go for it! It does require more of a commitment considering a larger portion of the hair is cut with horizontal precision. Tyra, Vivica Fox, and BET’s own Honey D (host of The Black Carpet) make us all want to chop our hair off at the brows. This is a strong move, if you have a small forehead or a really small face this look can be overpowering.

Get the Look: Part a triangle from the crown of the head to the outer points of the eyebrows. Comb the hair straight down without pulling and cut the sectioned hair straight across or in an upside-down U.


If blunt bangs aren’t feminine enough for you try a fringed bang, they’re much softer. Halle Berry and Megan Good make the wispy bangs look flirty and classy at the same time. This look is less overshadowing since you can still see a little forehead peering through the bangs.

Get the Look: Using a much smaller section than what’s needed for the blunt bang, cut the bangs using a razor rather than shears. This will give the bangs a jagged more natural appearance.


Side Swept
Short or long hair, square or oval face, almost everyone can wear the side swept bangs. Unlike the blunt and wispy bangs that are distinctly shorter than the rest of the hair, these bangs blend in with the rest of the hair by flowing into the style. Missy Elliot and Toni Braxton each have two distinct hair personas that both include the versatile side swept bangs.

Get the Look: After slicing a side part, use shears or a razor to cut the hair at an angle. As the hair gradually gets longer, it merges into the style.

Not sure which to try? Remember bangs grow out quickly, so you can try them all!


Written by BET-Staff


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