Lifestyle | Style: Chrisette Michele Interview: She's All Woman

Lifestyle | Style: Chrisette Michele Interview: She's All Woman

Published October 18, 2007

Posted Oct. 18, 2007 -- Chrisette Michele entered Julian Myles Salon in Wilmington, Del. cute as a button with slightly damp hair smoothed into a bun. She left a diva, with full-bodied flowing curls, looking every bit the star she is. And it was all for a good cause. Michele, 23, made the stop as part of the MIZANI-sponsored campaign “Hairdressers Unlocking Hope,” an effort to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. just happened to be on hand as the smoky-voiced chanteuse got prettied up for a performance later in Philly. Here’s what she had to say about some of her favorites from the salon chair:

Who’s your favorite designer: I like Armani suits. Joe’s makes a good jean. Their Booty Fit jean looks really good on me. It’s a high-end quality jean.

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Name your top five beauty items:
1. Stila convertible cheek color
2. Apricot-flavored Stila lip gloss
3. CHI Flat Iron
4. Mizani light hold spray
5. Creative sugar scrub (“You rub it into your hands and it makes them feel like silk!”)

What’s your beauty regimen: I’m an Ivory soap girl. If I use other things, it closes my pores. I only use Shiseido moisturizing lotion.

Where do you shop most: Broadway and Soho. I like Bloomingdales, and I like a store called Scoop.

What’s your signature scent: Burberry Tender Touch for Women and Britney Spears’ Curious. It smells divine.

What one thing is always in your purse that you can’t leave home without: I hate carrying a purse, but I would say my lip gloss.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought so far: Hmm ... a Mercedes truck. But then I decided it was a silly purchase and I sold it. It used too much gas. I downgraded to a smaller car.


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