Lifestyle | Style: Celebrity Haircuts: Snip It Off!

Lifestyle | Style: Celebrity Haircuts: Snip It Off!

Published October 22, 2007

Posted Oct. 22, 2007 -- When the rich and famous drastically change their appearance, it’s always a gamble. This year, a daring few were stylish and confident enough to switch things up by cutting what was once their long flowing hair. Some of those jaw dropping celebrity cuts had the public fascinated in a positive way (Sorry Britney). Let’s look at some ladies that weren’t scared to let their stylist snip it off!

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Keyshia Cole
Keyshia’s short blonde crop was an unexpected hit at BET’s 2007 Hip Hop Awards! Not afraid to go really close on the sides, with just a little on top, Keyshia’s cut was a welcome contrast to the predictable long hair diva’s working the red carpet. The bottom line is you noticed and remembered her high yellow cut.

Star Jones
The View got rid of her, and she gave us a new look to view. Star’s bold transformation to a more subtle, sophisticated hair style matches her new an improved body and her new court talk show host image. Hey, new show, new hair! Great choice: A long, blunt bob with caramel highlights.

No one’s hair cut had a bigger impact this year, than Rhianna’s slightly asymmetric bob! When she left behind those brunette ringlets for an onyx black bob the world was watching and loving every minute. Women were clamoring into the salon in droves, requesting the “Rihanna bob”. She is definitely our 2007 Cinderella -ella -ella!

The truth of the matter is, more isn’t always better when it comes to hair. In some cases a sassy cut is more flattering. I know, most men tend to love women with long hair, but let’s face it, they’re not always right.

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Written by BET-Staff


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