Lifestyle | Style: Fashion: Five True-Blue Buys

Lifestyle | Style: Fashion: Five True-Blue Buys

Published October 25, 2007

Posted Oct. 24, 2007 -- Baggy. Straight. Stretch. There’s a jean for the bigger butt, so no more punishing the booty with the wrong pair. Feel sexier and happier in jeans of your dreams. Wearing one faded pair to death is so college. Four to six jeans are minimum; two or three for work or going out and two or three for weekends that can be worn with sneakers or flats. Remember, it’s always better to have three pairs that fit perfectly than eight that don’t. Here’s five true-blue buys to choose from with good butt coverage.

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House of Dereon
With the combination of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex, the Dereon fit gives just the right amount of sexy ease. The curvy design of the denim jeans is perfect for the fuller figure. HOT: House of Dereon's jeans are sized for some of the larger sisters. A lot of premium denim lines don't go past a 12, but Dereon carries a size 16/18. NOT: The trendy jeans can be seen everywhere, so depending on where you live, you, your mamma and your neighbor may be rocking the same pair.

Baby Phat
Look fabulous in Baby Phat jeans. No, really! The sassy label is quickly becoming one of the most sought after designs on the market. Even style icon Halle Berry was seen wearing a pair. HOT: They’re affordable, ranging from $60 - $80, and can be found at practically any department store. NOT: The foxy feline logo and glitter plastered all over can cheapin’ the look.

Apple Bottoms
You will find that Apple Bottom Jeans are designed so a woman’s natural body curves are emphasized in a manner which looks attractive from a male's point of view. The most popular styles worn by Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys and Vivica A. Fox do not have any design motifs stitched onto the pockets. Finally! HOT: The new Apple Yoke-Shaped Skinny Leg offers a closer cut at the leg and fits like a glove. NOT: Watch how it clings to your hips and narrows at the ankles to avoid an unflattering, inverted-triangle effect.

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Seven Jeans
A trend setter in the jeans world, Seven Jeans incorporates the normal styles of jeans that we are all familiar with and offers a wide selection of styles. You can choose from high rise jeans, low waisted jeans, boot cut jeans, wide cut jeans and other stylish cuts. For the people who are thinking about wearing Seven Jeans, you can expect to find yourself in company with people like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. HOT: Seven jeans are durable and last a long time, so it’s worth every penny. NOT: Murmurs about Seven Jeans being overrated and a thing of the past are on the rise.

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True Religion
True Religion Brand Jeans have shot straight to the top. Their jeans reflect their combined passions for denim and music – classic rock and hip-hop. With more than twenty distributors across the globe, True Religion Brand Jeans are worn by some of the most famous celebrities and personalities from the silverscreen to the catwalk. HOT: A higher waist cut for the bigger bottoms are now available. NOT: True Religion jeans are not true to size. One thing everyone can do is check for pocket placement. Pockets set too high make you rear look longer and bigger and pockets set too low make your rear look flat.

Be willing to try on other brands. Comparison shop. Don’t buy jeans just because of a label name. Instead take a hard look in the fitting room mirror. Buy the jeans that fit you best. Be honest. Not all cuts and brands fit every body type. The only way to find out what works for you is to slip into the dressing room and try some on.

Written by BET-Staff


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