Fall Getaways - Five Must-Haves To Take With You

Fall Getaways - Five Must-Haves To Take With You

Published October 30, 2007

Posted Oct. 26, 2007 -- Fellas, get your mind right. The parties, the energy, the synergy and the drinks are about to begin. It’s time to skip town and leave your boo at home. No more nagging or last-minute chores, this trip is exclusively for the fellas to indulge in some manly fun women might hate. 

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1. What could be more of a guy thing to do than playing sports? No, not full-court press; the beach calls for something less physical and girl-friendly. Invite the hottest bikini babes to join you and your boys for a quick game of volley ball or just one hot bikini babe for a frisky game of Frisbee. Either or, you’ll need sports equipment. So, pack up your favorite sporty item and show those beach babes your fun, athletic side.

2. You could never have too many CDs, and since there’s a ton of hot, new music, getting your music game together shouldn’t be a problem. Along with the most recent releases and classic rap albums, include a few slow jams just in case your single, “it’s OK to get laid because I have no commitments at home” friend gets lucky.

Got music? Check. Next, pack your iPod, iPod armband holder, headphones and iPod speakers. Now you’re set to jam on the beach – whether you’re enjoying a morning run, people-watching or just chillin’ in the hotel room.

3. Every vacation is guaranteed a down-time. It’s time to chill and bond with the fellas. Who’s buying the beer? You brought the cigars. Convert your hotel room into a bachelor’s pad and prepare for game night with the boys. Pull out your Xbox console, games and controllers or clear the table for a game of poker. Whatever the case, you’ll be prepared. Then, when you’ve had enough, boot up your laptop, and find out what’s happening around town at yellowpages.com. All you need is the zip code!

4. Nobody’s going to believe what went down in Brazil if you don’t catch it on camera. You’ve seen “Girls Gone Wild.” Anything can happen! Plus, this is as close to your music video aspirations as you’ll ever be. So, pack an extra DV tape and battery pack, and lights, camera, action.

5. If you’re planning a vaca by the beach, you’ll need beach chairs. Why rent some when you can flex your muscles and carry them on your own? Beach chairs can be used almost anywhere. Take them to the beach, a ballgame or the park. They’re also perfect for lounging on your balcony or extra seating for hotel room guests.

Traveling with your boys in a group is a safe way to go exploring and return home feeling rejuvenated, ready to share the excitement of your travels and plan the next vacation with your sweetie.

Written by BET-Staff


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