Lifestyle | Style: Fashion Rundown: Red Carpet Hip-Hop Awards

Lifestyle | Style: Fashion Rundown: Red Carpet Hip-Hop Awards

Published November 1, 2007

Posted Oct. 19, 2007 - If asked to attend a red-carpet event, most ladies would rummage through their closet for their sexiest gown or head to their favorite boutique to buy that pretty dress they spotted in the store window. Better yet, they’d ask their stylist to charge something hot and trendy on their platinum credit card. As for the fellas, a red-carpet event calls for advice from their most stylish female friend and an in-house fashion show to help decide what looks best for the occasion. At least that’s how it probably goes for the Oscars or Emmys or Grammys.

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For the BET Hip Hop Awards, red carpet was redefined. Dresses were slim to none, suits nonexistent and fashion stylists were not on call.

The Hip Hop Awards showcased the urban styles of hip-hop heads. The guys arrived in hoodies, tees, baggy jeans, a fresh pair of kicks and doo-rags. Yes, Mike Jones was spotted with a blue one tied around his head. And let’s not forget the Soulja Boys and Hurricane Chrises of our younger generation wearing the extra-large T-shirts – also standard street wear – to the awards show. There was also a handful of the “prep-hop” or hipster-inspired styles, such as sport coats, large belt buckles and skull and skeleton decorations worn by LL Cool J and Big Boi of Outkast.

The look of the evening was casual, very casual, and singer Ciara wasted a hot outfit. Even Trina, who stood out in a silver and gold-sequined dress, looked like she spent hours prepping for the event, while Lil’ Mama threw on a pair of jeans, some sneaks and a hat and called it a day.

Our favorite hip-hop stars lit up the stage, but not the red carpet. The only thing shining were the diamond-encrusted, platinum chains.


Written by BET-Staff


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