Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Who Are You Calling Ugly?

Lifestyle | Style: Beauty: Who Are You Calling Ugly?

Published November 5, 2007

Posted Nov. 5, 2007 -- A person that wears all the right styles and shops at the best stores probably looks very nice on the outside. But, let’s say that same diva has a nasty attitude. Does that really effect how beautiful she is? Absolutely! It’s hard to appreciate a well dressed sister’s attractiveness, when she’s rolling her eyes, scowling all the time or turning her nose up at everyone. It’s just not cute. It can even be considered ugly.

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Way too often we focus so much on wearing the right clothes and having the latest designer purse that we forget to smile, be pleasant and even compliment others. We have all met someone that is fashionable and well put together, but has an offensive personality. If you haven’t met that snobbish someone, hopefully it’s not you. Let’s see.

You might be ugly if…

• You enjoy scouting out people that are “fashion don’ts” just for a good laugh. Stop being a hater! Why criticize someone for their self-expression, that’s what fashion is all about.

• You’ll spend your last on a pair of boots, but won’t lend your BFF $20. Remember, your friends will be there when the soles on those boots are beyond repair. Invest in good relationships.

• You believe that pouting your lips and avoiding eye contact makes you a diva. A smile goes a long way. It shows that you are confident enough to be friendly and fly.

• You won’t compliment someone else because you don’t want to suggest that they look better than you. There is plenty of praise to go around. Compliment your sister when she deserves it. That shows that you’re secure and you’ve got class.

Let’s all strive to be beautiful on the inside and out, because no matter how fly your fit is, if your attitude stinks, no one will care about your designer duds. By all means continue to lace yourself in nice things, keep up with the trends and even shop ‘til you drop. Just remember, the same amount of energy that’s put into over stuffing your closet, should also be used for those things people can’t see. You know… your emotional health, your attitude and your spirituality - they also make a person beautiful.

Written by BET-Staff


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